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Building cleaning of grain stores and barns is a Country Cures speciality. A variety of other agricultural buildings including parlours and potato stores also benefit from the treatment as do commercial and industrial buildings whenever a deep building clean is required.

Wet Cleaning System - The Country Cures wet cleaning system is used in open areas where the electricity supply can be disabled. It is capable of targeting a jet of water (100-500 litres of water per minute) 18.3m / 60 feet. Ideal for cleaning roofs internally and externally, around corn silos, drains etc. The equipment is a self-contained unit complete with water tank.

Wet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning System - Country Cures pioneered the use of sand blasting as a cleaning agent for grain stores. Incorporating sand into the compressed air stream enables heavier or crusty deposits to be easily and quickly removed. The Country Cures sand blasting method creates a gentle scouring action and reaches most areas including roofs. The careful use of sand blasting is proved to be more efficient than using stiff brushes and vacuum cleaners.

Protecting Produce by Fumigation - Country Cures control pest infestations in grain stores with the use of specialist fumigation equipment. Systems include powered mister blower or spray lance to run off saturation with the required pesticide.

Grain Store Design Consultancy - Country Cures clean over 50 grain stores annually. Our expertise in this field enables us to advise farmers who might be undertaking new storage or major alterations to existing stores. We can advise on these projects, with a view to minimising the time and effort involved in cleaning that store in future.

Building refurbishment - With the trend to convert redundant farm buildings to offices and light industrial use; Country Cures can clean and paint to your requirements. A full range of painting services are available including the use of air or airless sprayers.

Building Cleaning


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